First Visit

Consult, Spinal Exam & Postural Analysis

An in-depth consultation and examination are vital in determining a patient’s current health status. These help ascertain a patient’s level of health and will help us determine if and how to proceed. After the consultation, we will proceed with a spinal exam and postural analysis.

Precision X-rays

Following the exam, we will inform you if we determine that digital x-rays will be needed. These films will only be performed if clinically necessary. We utilize a high-precision digital x-ray system to gather the necessary views of your spine. The x-ray images will need to be analyzed by the doctor to determine the specific misalignment of the upper cervical vertebrae and determine the extent of the problem. X-rays conclude the testing for the first visit and the second visit will be scheduled.

*IMPORTANT: It is necessary to see the structures we are dealing with in order to deliver the best care for you. Our success depends on the degree of accuracy, which is what makes this approach to chiropractic care different than most.

Second Visit

Doctor’s Report of Finding:

On this visit, the doctor will explain the x-ray findings and how it pertains to your current condition. At this point, we will make a recommendation to begin care if it is determined that upper cervical chiropractic may be of benefit to you. A test adjustment will be performed to determine whether or not upper cervical chiropractic care may improve your health.

Precision Adjusting

Based on the information gathered from the x-rays, examination, and postural analysis, a precise adjustment will be given. Each person is uniquely made and requires a specific adjustment to address the issue at hand. All patients are adjusted using the Orthospinology technique – no twisting or cracking is involved.


It is necessary for each person that receives a specific upper cervical adjustment to lie down for a minimum of 15 minutes afterwards in order to allow the body to stabilize and further benefit from this change. Information will be shared at this time on how to care for your spine and what to expect in the hours and days following this initial adjustment. We recommend that you schedule the next visit within 24-48 hours after the initial adjustment.

Third Visit

Where to go from here

On this visit, we will discuss any changes you may have experienced from the initial adjustment.  You will then be checked to determine if you need a second adjustment. The doctor will then present a Final Report with a treatment plan so that you will understand what it will take to get your health back on track.

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